15. October 2020

The heart of the plate

Butt-jointed cores (SGL) made from local spruce are manufactured by Hutter wood industry in St. Michael im Lungau in an efficient production process. The product is refined with a better effect and higher quality.
8. May 2019

Salzburg’s “wooden skyscraper” distinguished

As a 9-storey wooden (hybrid) tower, the new building in Salzburg’s Bahnhofsviertel stands out in the city literally as an ambassador for sustainable building with wood!
14. March 2019

A sophisticated core

Since the middle of 2018, the Hutter wood industry in St. Michael im Lungau has been producing butt-jointed cores in special dimensions. The facility that is mainly designed for a high material yield was developed and delivered by the Weinig Group.
10. October 2018

Municipal buildings

The construction of the future with wood guarantees fast construction times, high technical quality as well as a healthy living and working environment.