Hutter Holz

The Hutter Sawmill

The sawmill was founded in 1958 in St. Michael, a village in the Lungau region of Salzburg. We have installed modern, innovative and sophisticated machines in our plant, including high-tech lumber drying kilns. Our sawmill is equipped with a chip line, a flexible two-shaft circular saw and a band mill, all of which enable us to produce sawnwood products in almost any dimension and their high level of efficiency allow us to keep to tight delivery schedules. There are 40 employees in our company and we have an annual capacity of 60000m³ of sawnwood.
Our main products are double cut boards, edged and non-edged boards, pallet boards, packaging, squared timber and shorts.

We are sawn softwood specialists, therefore we have chosen to concentrate on Spruce,Radlader  mit Rundholz

Hutter  LKW  mit Schnittholz

Larch and Swiss Pine, wood from the nearby forests, which lie over 1000 metres above sea-level and which take many years to grow, in a healthy environment thus ensuring that the wood possesses the ideal characteristics and properties for use.

The majority of our clients are long-standing, satisfied customers who appreciate the high quality of our products.



Hutter Holzindustrie

The Hutter Timber Company and Timber Market was founded in 1988. At present, 30 people are employed in our company and we process approx. 12000 m³ of sawnwood per year.
The company consists of two parts:
  • In the Holzindustrie, high-quality sawnwood, from our sawmill, is processed into window frame squares, finger-jointed slats and furniture components.

  • The Timbermarket on the other hand, offers customers the opportunity to purchase various timber-related products, from flooring to wood preservatives.

We place great emphasis on quality and control
PEFC/06-38-105 Our products come from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.
PEFC/06-32-42 Our products come from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.